Books by Rafe Martin

Illustrated by Fahimeh Amiri
Knopf, 1997
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“From the renowned author of The Rough-Face Girl comes an exquisitely rendered version of one of India’s best-loved tales, about what it means to be a king. Having studied the Buddhist tradition for many decades, Martin is at his best in this fable of how a king’s greed put a tribe of monkeys in mortal danger, while a monkey king’s sacrifice restores peace to his kingdom. Full-color illustrations.”       —Ingram

“This Buddhist Jataka tale concerns the monkeys who feast on the Treasure Tree fruit and the human king who seeks to kill the monkeys and steal the fruit. When the human king sees the Monkey King selflessly risk his life to save his comrades, he learns a lesson in leadership and altruism. The eloquent tale is accompanied by busy, colorful pictures presented within attractive borders.”     —Horn Book

“In this traditional Buddhist folktale from India, humans learn from the animals: the monkey king’s action and wisdom serve as a model for the king of the humans. Amiri’s detailed, richly colored illustrations convey a distinct sense of place. Young children will enjoy spotting the monkeys spilling over the decorative borders, and the convincing story line and large cast of supporting characters make this an excellent choice for readers’ theater or creative drama.”       —Karen Morgan, Booklist