school performanceAt Schools—Rafe works with all grade and ages, kindergarten through college and adult, telling stories and sharing an empowering vision of language, writing, creativity, and imagination. Read More

Rafe with teacherAt Teacher In-Service TrainingsSpeaking as both an author and a storyteller, Rafe works with school administrators to design a workshop that responds to the needs of the teachers. He has appeared in thousands of schools, libraries, festivals, and conferences in nearly every state. Read More

Storytelling FestivalAt Storytelling Festivals—Rafe draws on a range of stories that delve deeply into myth and mysterious realms of the imagination. Expect laughter, magic, mystery, and fun! Read More

seminarsAt Workshops, Conferences, Corporate Seminars & Institutes— Rafe leaves listeners with an awareness of their own power to create. He offers writing, storytelling and professional development workshops, as well as adult and family performances. Rafe speaks eloquently about power of the imagination as he shares a uniquely practical and exciting vision of stories in words—both written and told. Read More

Jataka sesshinAt Meditation Retreats & Centers—Rafe is a long-time practitioner of Zen Buddhism with considerable experience in all facets of Zen spiritual practice. This, combined with his decades of study of the Jataka Tales, makes him a compelling speaker at retreats and other events. Read More