Praise for Performances

“Struck by the powerful art form that storytelling is, we went right to the source to learn more—
to Rafe Martin.”

“Seventh Generation was committed to telling the story of our company, our consumers, and our planet to elevate people’s consciousness about the impact of their actions on health and the planet. Struck by the powerful art form that storytelling is, we went right to the source to learn more—to Rafe Martin. Rafe worked with the entire company for one extraordinary day of moving our imaginations. We learned about the power of storytelling, heard deeply resonant stories, and learned how to tell stories well. Rafe also helped us consider how to best tell the Iroquois Native American story in which our name is rooted: in every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decision on the next seven generations. Next, Rafe worked with our CEO and Chief Marketing Officer to help us consolidate story into the centerpiece of our marketing campaign, including a retail educational initiative through storytelling. With Rafe’s guidance and deep expertise, we were able to fulfill one of our most important initiatives and we are deeply grateful.”      —Laurie Allan, Former Vice President, Organization Development, SEVENTH GENERATION; Principal and Senior Consultant Laurie Allan & Associates

“Rafe was an incredible highlight of our MAME Conference in Detroit. His words were just what we all needed to build both inspiration and determination. The blend of story, encouragement to look at the big picture, and his thoughts on writing were just perfect for our audience. The first thing I did when I got home was to order a copy of Birdwing! The relaxed note of the discussion sessions was great, too. I feel very lucky to have been able to spend time with Rafe outside of sessions as well.”      —Marsha Lambert, Program Chair, MAME 32: Roots and Wings, November 9-12. 2005, Detroit, Michigan

“Your session was wonderful...many of the participants told me how inspired they are due to your passion and delivery of the Seventh Gen story. The tools you gave us on how to tell stories is a gift and can be used in so many parts of our lives. Safe travels and I will stay in touch to develop a plan for future sessions.”     —Susan D. Johnson, SEVENTH GENERATION, Senior Sales Director, Education & Dialogue 2008

“Thanks for an outstanding day at Penn State. You should know too that your performance drew the largest crowd of our whole summer series. Some storytellers are technically superb yet leave their audiences with little when all is finished. I was struck by how much your storytelling was NOT like that. You have a keen sense of your art and of how to make your telling focus on your story, not on yourself. When you are finished deep images remain. It was an empowering experience. Your combination of artistry and scholarship is truly unique and inspiring. Many thanks.”     Dan Hade, College of Education, Pennsylvania State University

“You’ve given us a new perspective on the power of stories and the imagination.”     —Elizabeth L. Dodd, Department of Early Childhood and Reading Education, Valdosta State College, Valdosta, GA

“What a super afternoon you gave us! Everyone left with uplifted spirits and a burning desire to keep the imaginations of children alive and challenged. We will remember your storytelling and inpiring words for a long time.”     —Herbert H. Sandberg, Professor Emeritus of Education, University of Toledo

“Your visit to the summer workshop in Appalachian Literature and World Classics at East Tennessee State University was the highlight of the term. The students were most enthusiastic about your lecture and I am still awed by your ability to handle 300 children in one hot room.”     —Roberta T. Herrin, Dept of English ETSU College of Arts and Sciences