Praise for Performances

“The Sharing the Fire Committee, indeed all of LANES (League for the Advancement of New England Storytelling) and everyone who attended the conference, wants to thank you for your inspirational keynote, your superb workshops and all your hard work that made Sharing the Fire ’95 such an outstanding success. I’ve enclose your workshop evaluations. You can paper your study with them and, if you ever get discouraged, just read them, enjoy and bask in their warmthas we basked in the warmth of what produced them. Again our thankscome to Sharing the Fire anytime. What fun it would be to have you back.”      —Barbara Lipke, for the Sharing the Fire Committee

“Rafe Martin is a genuine contemporary traditional storyteller. His voice is incantatory, his choice of story impeccable. ”

     —Laura Simms

    “Rafe Martin weaves magic.”
          —Gannett News

    “A renowned oral storyteller.”
          —Publishers Weekly

“Thank you for making our 1999 Mariposa Storytelling Festival a truly memorable event!! Everyone’s still talking about the festival and your stories.”      —Marilyn Rudzik, Mariposa Storytelling Festival

“Rafe Martin’s tellings begin in oral traditions from around the world and culminate in moments of here-and-now wonder and delight. Told stories are like gifts; his storytelling art is a gift indeed.”
Jarold Ramsey, author of “Coyote Was Going There” and “Reading the Fire

“I wanted to thank you for your gift of storytellingboth the generous gift you gave with your telling and the wider gift you are giving with your books. There are values and ways that are so deeply humam, yet terribly endangered by our own foolish habits of denial, selfish individualism and the seductive power of technology. Your stories stand against that by standing for our true naturewild, compassionate, funny, sad, whole. I hope in the days to come we can continue to work with you and forge closer ties.”
         —Alan Senuake, National Coordinator. Buddhist Peace Fellowship