Teacher In-Service Training


Rafe works with school administrators
to design a workshop that responds to the needs of the teachers. Below is a description of a workshop that is often requested:

In this 45-minute workshop for educators, Mr. Martin will discuss the role of language in the learning process, and demonstrate how to use both storytelling and writing to improve literacy skills within the classroom.

Starting from the foundation of told stories and his own body of published work-picture books, collections, and novels-he will empower those in attendance to see language as one of our most powerful technologies—even today in our computer age. He will teach a version of the writing process based upon visualization—seeing with the mind—rather than rules. He will also show the crucial role of re-writing in making writing the adventure it truly is and was always meant to be. Finally he will show teachers how to inspire their own students to read from the inside for the joy of it and for the power and freedom that reading truly offers.