Recordings by Rafe Martin

NOW AVAILABLE IN CD; 60 minutes, 1989

Ghostly Tales

“These tales and their tellings are eerie, authentic, and magical.”

 —Morikami Museum of
              Japanese Culture

Listen to a selection from the recording (mp3)

Listen to a selection from the recording  (.wav)    

This 1990 Parents’ Choice Gold Award winner and American Library Association 1992 Best of the Best for Children contains favorites that Rafe has been telling for years. “The Boy Who Drew Cats” emphasizes the saving power of faith in one’s own creativity; “Urashima Taro” is a well-known tale in Japan (in the Catskill mountains he would be Rip Van Winkle); “Ho-Ichi the Earless” shows we have the power within to triumph over whatever evil we may face; and “Kogi” is an original story based on an old tale of a Buddhist priest-painter who dreams he becomes a fish.

“Rafe Martin’s convincing delivery and excellent timing cast listeners under the spell of Japan in these four unusual tales. Well worth the purchase price.”