Reviews of Rafe Martin’s Endless Path

Birdwing“Endless Path is a treasure for all seekers of the Way! Rafe Martin relates wondrous ancient Buddha stories and then unravels them, delivering meaning for today’s Western lay practitioners. A much-needed integration of the awesome past and our perplexing present. And a delightful read.”    — Roshi Pat Enkyo O’Hara, abbot of The Village Zendo, guiding spiritual teacher for the New York Center for Contemplative Care, and co-spiritual director of the Zen Peacemaker Family

“Rafe Martin’s book, Endless Path, is a continuation of Martin’s decades-long immersion in storytelling and the Jataka tales. … Each of the ten stories, one for each of the paramitas (perfections), is accompanied by an illustration and an engaging commentary on both the story and the paramita. … The stories in [Endless Path] are like returning to the enchantment of childhood, where anything and everything is possible, except that here we see the possibility of mature wisdom and kindness, in the world and in ourselves.”
                                     — Inquiring Mind

“Endless Path is a gem. Martin’s enthusiasm for the jatakas leaps off each page, bringing the reader into a realm where the deepest truths are revealed by even the most humble creatures. This book should be required reading for all Buddhist practitioners—actually, for everyone!”   —Sunyana Graef Sensei, Zen teacher, founder and spiritual director of the Vermont Zen Center

“Reading Endless Path, I can actually hear a familiar voice coming alive, telling me stories of the Buddha’s lives. The world I enter is vast, wonderful, inspiring! I love this book!”
       —Hogen Bays Roshi, leader of Zen Community of Oregon and co-abbot of
          Great Vow Zen Monastery

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